You Tube and the “Girls”

The girls are so beautiful and vibrant that I mailed pictures of them in their swimsuits to Sports Illustrated and ….. v=-C7_B4guoe0




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    Are these girls the same ones that are receiving Slim Spurlings Harmonizer frequencies? They look very healthy.
    Are you still playing the CD through the Harmonizer for the bee’s?

    I was trained by Slim in 1997 and went on to teach his work and distribute his tools. I still use his tools in my Earth Healing and harmonic space clearing projects.
    I am interested if the Bee Cd can heal detrimental frequencies for clearing and harmonizing an area of land, air, etc.

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      healingbees said,

      Hi Gary,

      Yes these “girls” are the same ones that are receiving Slim’s harmonizer frequencies activated by the Bee CD. I don’t always have the Bee CD playing. I place the harmonizer on top of the shiny side of the CD for transmission. I know of a few people who have been using the Bee CD for just that purpose. It is interesting that when bees are in the garden or about, there is a natural harmony “in the air.”

      I have learned that the bees offer much more than pollination and honey to the balance of the Earth. In ancient times, wherever the bee was native to the land, there were bee ceremonies and societies. I created a 3rd CD recording the bees in early Spring just before the flowers bloom so the sound I would say is the frequency of the Earth (the resonate the Earth frequency) at a high resonance level created by about 95% female bees (not many drones around at that time). At this time there the bees are still primarily in the hive, no gathering and the queen is laying like mad. It is like the sound of the potential of Spring just prior to the buds bursting forth.

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