I am a quantum healer and beekeeper.  I believe bees can heal bees through harmonic frequencies.   Amplifying  and conveying the sound of a strong healthy hive with a Harmonizer  to another hive will return or maintain the natural frequencies of the second hive at an energetic level that will re-establish its capacity to protect itself against disease and intrusive disturbances.

Check it out:  HealingBees.org

Bees Healing Bees

We found that when slowing the Bee CD down to 33% speed and pitch the sound it produced had an incredibly energizing and healing effect on us.  The bee hive cells are naturally repeating patterns of hexagrams that are resonated by the Earth’s EMF and the sustained vibration of bees’ wings.  When sustained harmonic tones pass through sacred geometry a powerful coherent healing field is created.

Check it out:  HealingBees.org

Bees Healing Beings


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    Valerie said,

    I am a frequency therapist who has turned her passion into beekeeping and keeping bees healthy organically. I recorded Big Island (Hawaii) honey bees in their hives to create a CD of healthy bee tones. While recording the hive, I placed a device, a Harmonizer, that creates scalar waves atop the hive to clear and balance the hive and environment. These harmonized bee tones create a comprehensive energetic field that positively effects other bees in their hives.

    We then reduced the tone to 33% speed and pitch and created a CD for bees healing beings. The sustained sound pattern of the bees on the human body clears energetic blocks in the body-mind field and energizes the field from the DNA out to the auric field.

    Check it out on HealingBees.org

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    Dawn Griffin said,

    I have a deep love for bees and when I heard of this CD I immediately wanted to hear it. It’s interesting that I listened to it shortly after my house had been robbed. When I put on the CD it initially brought up fear for me. It reminded me of a sound I associated with horror films.

    I stayed with listening to the track, allowing the fear to be there without resisting it and I noticed that it seemed to flow through and make space for something else–something more expansive and peaceful. Now when I listen to it there is no fear, but occasionally I notice some type of blocked energy. For instance, I had some aching in an ear, which is a place that I have had some issues.

    Ultimately, I trust the bees to elicit whatever is stuck and needs to be moved. I am delighted to have their assistance and look forward to observing the changes from small and subtle to profound.

    Thank you for making this gift available to all of us!

  3. 3

    Valerie said,

    Thank you Dawn. Our 200 million year old friends have been with us since the beginning of our time. They are a community that holds the frequency of Unity and Love. That frequency has deep healing potential.

  4. 4

    It is just past a years since I recorded the bees in Hawaii. Much has happened. The Bee CD has been very well received by healers and those who want healing.

    I have learned that you do not need to have the Bee CD playing on a CD player to get the benefits of it. Place the CD, shiny side up, in a sunny window or outside under a glass bowl propped up a bit to keep it cool. Place the Harmonizer or even a quartz crystal in the center of the CD. While in the sun or sunny window, the heated CD will activate the antenna and the frequencies will go out in all directions.

  5. 5

    Tomi Tierney said,

    H Valerie,
    I am in love with bees and have been for some time. I know them to carry a mystical energy. Your website has inspired me even more. I am trying to listen to the sample cd for Bees Healing Beings, but it does not seem to be functioning. Any suggestions?


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